Facilito Card

Congratulations with your Facilito card!

With this card you will always be the first to know about specials and offers only for Facilito members! Points will be automatically added to your Facilito card with every purchase at one of our stores. Shop today and take advantage of what your Facilito member card has to offer.

How it works

1. Shop at our stores

2. Present your Facilito card at  the checkout counter

3. Collect and save your points

4. View your points online and  receive offers especially for you

5. Redeem your saved points at one  of our stores

How to view your points

To view your points and Facilito special offers, register or sign in at:


Where to shop

AMC Megastore L.G Smith Boulevard 144

AMC Dakota Avenida Milio Croes 41

AMC San Nicolaas B. v/d Veen Zeppenfeldstraat 78